Previous commissions. 

Creating new wearable jewellery from broken pieces or pieces that are just left in a drawer is very exciting weather its just the stones we reuse or some of the gold, it can be a very satisfying way to work together.  

These rings were created from a very broken engagement ring, now they are worn with pride. 

Opal and diamond stackers.


This was a broach that was left in a box, the piece was made completely from the gold that came from the broach. 

Gold ring with diamonds and blue and pink sapphires.

This beautiful diamond came from an heirloom broach. How fabulous it is as a ring. 

Chunky diamond ring.



  Birthday gift commissions. 

Special birthday presents can be so hard to find. It is always a joy to find out what the receivers most favourite things are as a spring board into creating something truly unique. 

Florence the unicorn was made for an 18th birthday gift. She has black diamond eyes and a rose gold horn and was created from solid silver. 

Unicorn pendent

This lovely initial pendent has five peridots set on the D to represent five decades, the peridot is the birthstone 

Initial pendent set with peridot

These bangles had many sayings shared between two best friends. 

Bangles with heart charms


If you have a special person you would like to create a gift for or a piece of jewellery you would like to reinvent please do not hesitate to get in touch.