Hand made in London by Kath Dare. My next event will be on Saturday 2nd December at North Cross as well as Croftmas followed by Pexmas on Sunday 3rd December

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  • Kath Dare Jewellery Gift Card
  • Large Oddies
  • Marrakesh Necklace
  • Marrakesh pendants
  • Miss Twiggy
  • Mulberry twig necklace
  • Mulberry twig ring
  • Nine carat gold Teeny tiny polos
  • Peas in a pod necklace.
  • Peckham Rye Mulberry Twig Neclace
  • Polos
  • Precious stone gold pendant
  • Ring sizer
  • Rocco Pendent
  • Salt and pepper diamond mulberry twig ring
  • She sells sea shells