My next event will be on Saturday 29th June at North Cross Rd then in Ladywell fields on Sunday 30th June.

Mud Larking Jewellery

Inspiration, it’s amazing where we can discover it.  A few weeks ago I was walking by the Cutty Sark in Greenwich and the tide happened to be out It was such a sunny day in Greenwich, heaving with people so I jumped down the mossy steps onto the beach to get away from the crowd. As I wandered along I saw this fabulously textured metal ring. I then saw another and another and another. Ten minutes later I had all sorts cradled in my arms and felt like I had struck gold. I know I’m amongst a tiny minority of people who get excited about such things, but I was charged! I took them home and looked at them regularly in my studio to see what could materialise as design ideas.

I love to use a melting technique to create texture and to help recycle my silver so this was a dream to put together and I’ve had enormous fun producing this collection. Its dear to my heart as I found these pieces in a part of Greenwich.  A place close to my heart, where I’ve experienced some of the best times. I would love to know the story behind where all these pieces came from but only the Thames could tell us that so we will just have to imagine. 

The pieces in the picture are just some of the treasure found on that wonderful day.