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Moroccan Doors - A true inspiration

For some reason I have always been fascinated by ornate doors, I like a railing too but lets not get into that now. 

On arrival in Morocco a few years ago I was so taken with all of the beauty that I feasted my eyes upon, the interiors, the colours, the shapes and the food but it was the doors that struck me. On delving deeper there are so may reasons why they are so shapely as well as ornate, one could and I'm sure a few have written books on it but a few facts really intrigued me. 

Many of the older doors have two knockers one attached higher than the other which would therefore give off a slightly different sound. The use of the higher knocker would indicate a man knocking so if a female was home she could make sure she was correctly dressed. 

Another fact was there was often a smaller door carved into a larger door so when a visitor entered they would have to bow showing respect to the owner. 

Many of the doors share patterns and shapes from numerous religions showing the beauty and tolerance of side by side living of different religions and cultures. 

I absolutely love Morocco and cannot wait to return, this research journey has been a real joy , I feel I have an abundance of inspiration to take me forward.